Hack Soda City

IoT Hackathon

This November - thinkers, creators, academics, designers, and most importantly, DOERS will gather at Capgemini’s Columbia, SC office to bring IoT ideas to life in two days.

The Hack Soda City IoT Hackathon aims to empower those who are eager to learn and are itching to see their ideas implemented to help companies in real life.

We will offer workshops, mentorship, and hardware to bring solutions to life. The event is free. Food, drink, goodies, and fun activities are planned so that participants can focus on growing and developing ideas beyond just a vision!

Participants will also have a chance to speak with representatives and judges from top tech companies such as AWS, Salesforce, Microsoft, IBM and more!

What To Expect…

if you’ve never been to a hackathon before.


Form your team

Following the Soda City Hackathon kickoff, you’ll have the opportunity to meet fellow participants and form teams.


Participate in workshops

Participate in workshops to learn more about our sponsors’ platforms and how to apply them to your solution.

Be sure to attend as there may be raffle prizes…


Build your solution

Work with your team to build a winning solution.


Present your solution

Present your solution to a panel of judges. Judging will take place in a science fair style environment.


Who can participate?

Anyone 18 years or older can apply!

The Team

Victor Li.png

Victor Li



mala morjaria

Project/Event Lead

Jenny Mead.png

Jenny Mead


Alex Tocco.png

Alex Tocco


Stephan Bragner.jpg

Stephan Bragner

Hackathon Crew

Naman Rawal.png

Naman Rawal

Marketing & Communications


TJ Aldridge

Website & Content

Kimaya Hemdev.png

Kimaya Hemdev

Ann Glasgow.png

Ann Glasgow

Our Sponsors